I have a crush.

It’s been nearly three months into my guyatus, and somehow I managed to find a great guy (when all I really wanted to do was avoid them).

I’m not really doing anything to pursue it. But at the same time, I’m also not doing anything to stop it.

I want my “experiment” to be organic.

Basically, I don’t want to have set rules. I want to let things happen as they may.

I feel a million times better than when I was here. I feel like a completely different person, to be honest.

I like myself so much more. I feel so sexy and cool. And I feel more and more ready to let someone into my heart. So even thought it’s only been three months. I’m not going to give myself any kind of guidelines.

This guy really doesn’t even know me all that well, so it may equate to nothing. But, it’s fun. And it gives me hope for my future.

I’m looking forward to what this new year may bring in the love department. I think this will be the best one yet.


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