I’m feel better than when I wrote my last post.

Last night a friend invited me to her house for a little party. We had dinner and drinks and played card games.

I laughed a lot.

I felt like other people wanted me around; that my presence was actually contributing to the betterment of the evening.

One of the hardest things since entering the working world has been finding girlfriends to hang out with. While I really enjoy spending time alone, I like love the company of others. I crave it.

Sure I have my family, but I don’t really have many friends left in my city. Slowly, I’m meeting more people, connecting. But still, there are times when I feel so darn lonely that my heart could break.

I sit alone, like on New Year’s Eve, and throw myself a huge pity party. I cry to my mom on the phone. I scroll through Instagram just to torture myself. I eat big brownies and take hot baths to soothe my pain.

And so last night when I was invited to share in this evening with several people I didn’t even know, I jumped at the opportunity. Normally I wouldn’t go out the night before work, but I did.

I drank until I was tipsy, I had deep belly laughs, I stayed out until 12:30 (which is late for me).

And it was perfect.


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