A bit of background…

I was dumped in June. The man that dumped me, let’s call him Glen, was my first sexual experience. I waited 22 years before I had sex, and a week after meeting Glen in person (we met online), I gave my virginity to him.

I fell hard for him. He was is smart, funny, and handsome; and I was sure that we were going to be together for a while.

Fast forward four months, nearly to the day, and he dumped me. He said that he cared about me, but not as much as I cared for him. He said he didn’t want to hurt me, but he did. He said I was almost perfect for him, but I wasn’t.

It was pretty fucking heart breaking for me. I immediately dove into new relationships, mistakenly thinking that sleeping with men I barely knew would keep them around. Turns out, once they get what they want they leave.

Lesson learned.

I started this blog as a quest to love myself more. During my time with Glen my confidence blossomed. After we broke up, I felt shattered. I want to feel the way I felt with him without him.

I decided to try a year of living without men. No dating, no kissing, no cuddling, and most importantly no sex. I feel that I need to try some time alone, without having a man define me.


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